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How will the Foundation help?

The Foundation will assist Texas prosecutors and allied law enforcement professionals by fulfilling unaddressed needs in the following areas:

  • Specialized training courses in DWI enforcement, domestic violence, victim assistance, and crimes against children, among and other topics;
  • New legal resources for prosecutors, including on-staff appellate assistance and victim services coordination; and
  • Expanded and improved web-based training programs and resources.

The TDCAA Mission Statement

“To promote the improvement of prosecution and government representation in the State of Texas by providing educational and technical assistance to prosecutors and their staffs, by providing educational and technical assistance to the law enforcement community, and by serving as a legislative resource in criminal law and government representation matters.”

TDCAF Mission Statement

“To provide enduring support for the mission of TDCAA to improve prosecution and government representation in Texas through education and technical assistance by seeking the resources and other assistance from all sources, including the community at large.”

Facts about TDCAF

In September 2006, the leadership of the Texas District and County Attorneys Association (TDCAA) announced the formation of a 501 (c)(3) supporting organization called the Texas District and County Attorneys Foundation (TDCAF). The Foundation is led by the Board of Trustees composed of the TDCAA leadership and other public members elected by the TDCAA Board of Directors. The Foundation is also guided by its Advisory Committee, a list of whose membership is attached.

Why is a foundation to support Texas prosecutors needed?

The majority of Texas citizens support the mission of the various criminal justice and victim-related organizations that protect and restore the lives of those injured by crime. But, a key to achieving justice for crime victims and society at large is a well-trained cadre of professional prosecutors. Without effective advocates, our children, victims, and the general public will not get the justice they deserve.

That’s where the Foundation can help. Since 1970, TDCAA has trained and supported Texas prosecutors, but the need for those services continues to grow while the available government support does not. Thus, TDCAA leaders created the Foundation as a way to partner with our community to reach our shared goal of a safer Texas.

Please Check Out Our TDCAF Annual Reports

We are honored to provide you with the very first Texas District and County Attorneys Foundation (TDCAF) 2009 Annual Report along with our thanks and sincere apperception for your support of the Texas District and County Attorneys Association (TDCAA) and Foundation.

Thank you to our TDCAA members, TDCAA’s Board of Directors, and TDCAF’s Board of Trustees and Advisory Committee for their continued support of the Foundation.

PDFDownload the 2010 report

PDFDownload the 2009 report