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“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”            ~ Albert Einstein

We at the Texas District and County Attorneys Foundation know this to be true and we know you to do because of the many great things you do professionally to keep the people of this great State safe. We thank you for your dedication and service.

As we look into 2013, there are many more opportunities for the foundation to enrich the training and educational resources for you our TDCAA members through publications, seminars, and more.

I am asking you to please consider supporting the Foundation by making a contribution of any size to the TDCAF. Please keep an eye out in the mail for our 2013 mailing.

It is more blessed to give than to receive, to serve than to be served

We at the Texas District and County Attorneys Foundation know both of these truths all too well—that’s what we do! We GIVE our members what they need and we SERVE them with all our heart!

As we prepare to kick off our 2012 Annual Campaign, we’d like to remind you, our members, about some of the things the Foundation does for you. In the last four years we’ve funded our Train the Trainer seminar and the Advanced Trial and Appellate Advocacy Courses; published the Domestic Violence Training Manual and Offense Report Manual and sent them free to all prosecutor offices; put on two DWI Summits; sponsored last year’s Intoxication Manslaughter Course; updated the TDCAA website; and hired a victims services director and a senior appellate attorney. We even manage to reimburse folks in your offices who attend our seminars for part of their food and hotel expenses. Whew! All for the good of our members—and, in turn, your community.

We’re asking for you to return the favor, to give back to the Foundation so that we can continue to fund all sorts of endeavors for Texas prosecutors and staff. Here’s a peak at what’s in store for 2012 and beyond:

  • free books for attendees at our Domestic Violence Seminar ;
  • a third DWI Summit;
  • more specialized training for prosecutors and investigators; and
  • a new endowment account through our Texas Prosecutors Society. The idea is to have funds available in the future to provide critical support to the association and our members.

The Foundation is always at your service, so please consider giving so that many others can receive. You will be receiving an Annual Campaign request in the mail in the next few weeks; you can send it back with a donation or log onto our website to show your support.

Our goal is to have 100-percent support from every member of TDCAA. You may designate your gift for training or books, make a gift in honor or in memory of a loved one, or make an unrestricted gift for general operations.

2011 Annual Campaign: 'Why do I give to the Texas District and County Attorneys Foundation'

Justin Jones, Assistant Criminal District Attorney in Denton County

“As a prosecutor, I have directly benefitted from the Foundation and want to give back. I think it is important to continue to educate not only current prosecutors, but the next generation of prosecutors as well.”  

Martha Warner“Rural district and county attorneys’ offices are the backbone of TDCAA and the Foundation. I have seen both evolve and respond to our concerns and needs. Active support of the Foundation allows Texas’ prosecutors to reap maximum continuing education benefits without major expense to our offices. TDCAA’s training has provided the novice touch-typist with the knowledge and confidence to publish PowerPoint presentations to a jury. We are trained by the best of the best. Not once in 12 years have I been disappointed in TDCAA’s instructors. They answer both the difficult and less complex questions with ease. The relationships formed with these very fine prosecutors make every one of us blessed to be prosecuting in Texas and blessed to be a part of the TDCAA. The citizens of my small town expect justice! TDCAA and the Foundation support us in our challenge to seek justice. Do your part and support the Foundation.”Martha Warner, District Attorney in Bee, Live Oak, and McMullen Counties

Lisa McMinn, State Prosecuting Attorney in Austin

"There are lots of organizations competing for our charitable dollars. Although the symphony, parks, and museums are worthy causes, I’d rather to give to organizations that benefit those who are sick, under-privileged, or abused. TDCAF has joined my list of preferred charities because its mission—training prosecutors and their staff—results in better advocacy for the victims of crime who depend on us." 

Melissa Hightower“Training for prosecutors and investigators must be unique and job-specific. The only organization that understands our situation and our needs is TDCAA, and the Foundation is what enables TDCAA to meet our needs. TDCAA’s outstanding training, personnel, and services cannot survive these hard economic times without the Foundation. Now is the time, and your support is the difference!” — Melissa Hightower, Investigator in Williamson County

Darin Darby, Assistant District Attorney in Harris County

“I give to the TDCAF because it supports and embodies what we as prosecutors and those working with us seek to do: justice. The Foundation makes training opportunities available for all prosecutors and their staffs from around the State. It helps bring in top-notch trainers from across Texas to provide real, practical, and quality training to prosecutors, investigators, and our support staff who are eager to learn more about how do to the right thing—on behalf of victims, on behalf of the people we serve, and on behalf of justice. The Foundation recognizes those legendary prosecutors, investigators, and staff who have come before us, and it supports all of us that fight for justice on the front lines each and every day we walk into our office or into a courtroom. I am proud to give the little bit that I can to the TDCAF.”  

2011 Annual Campaign needs your support!

The Foundation is committed to continuing, and improving, the excellence TDCAA provides in educating and training Texas prosecutors, law enforcement and key personnel. 

Annual Campaign

Contributions made to the Annual Campaign support just a few of the following programs offered through the Texas District and County Attorneys Association (TDCAA):

  • Annual specialized training in areas such as DWI, domestic violence, and child sex abuse;
  • Prosecutor Trial Skills Course
  • Ethics
  • Investigator School
  • Technology workshops
  • Elected Prosecutor Conference and Annual Conference,
  • Comprehensive victim/witness coordinator training, resources, and support.

Along with improving and strengthening the TDCAA, the TDCAF looks to improve the State of Texas as a whole.

Campaign challenge: Investigators, Key Personnel, and Victim Assistance Coordinators

Three of our membership groups (investigators, key personnel, and victim assistance coordinators) have stepped up to challenge each other in their fundraising efforts. We are tracking the results based on dollars raised compared to percentage of membership in each of these groups.

Elected Prosecutor Campaign challenge

Stay tuned.......

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