When a Texas prosecutor stands up and announces “ready” for the State, the community needs to know that that prosecutor is truly prepared to see justice done. With government funding for training ever-decreasing, the Foundation can step in to support excellence in Texas prosecution. The Foundation’s leadership believes that Texans share our vision of a safer state, and having well-trained and equipped professional champions in the courtroom can make a real difference.

The Texas District & County Attorneys Foundation provides support for such endeavors.​

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The Foundation to the rescue!


By Rob Kepple
Executive Director

“So the State is Always Ready.” That is the motivating force behind the creation of the Foundation, and it’s why you and so many others support it. Because of the challenges we have all experienced in these last few months, your investment in the Foundation will pay off in some new ways.

I am proud to announce that the Foundation’s Board of Trustees has voted to fund the quick and heretofore unbudgeted development of TDCAA’s distance learning capabilities—that’s right, more online courses! That means development of our physical facility to record these presentations, reworking the website to accommodate them, purchasing and enhancing software (such as Zoom and Litmos), and editing and delivering the videos. These are huge tasks that the TDCAA staff is taking on, and it is gratifying to know we have the support of the Foundation to do it nimbly.

I want to thank the Foundation Board members from the bottom of my heart—and all of you who support our work through donations to the Foundation.

Have you completed your mandatory Brady training?
This is a friendly reminder that under §41.111 of the Texas Government Code, all prosecutors have a duty to complete one hour of Brady training within 180 days of beginning work in a prosecutor’s office. Importantly, under Court of Criminal Appeals rules, prosecutors must take a refresher course in the fourth year following completion of the previous course. TDCAA offers such an online course for free on our website, www.tdcaa .com/resources/brady.

TDCAF.org is up and running!
I am proud to announce that the Foundation has a revamped website (which you’re reading right now!). The site is simply designed to showcase the activities of the Foundation, honor the people involved in supporting our profession, and give you an easy way to make a contribution. I want to thank Sarah Halverson for spearheading this effort and willing the site into existence. I hope you visit the site and test out the handy donate button!

From the latest issue of TDCAA's journal, The Texas Prosecutor.

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