Texas Prosecutors Society (TPS)

In 2011, under the direction of then-Board Chairman Dan Boulware and Endowment Chair Tom Krampitz, the Foundation kicked off its campaign to establish a select group of supporters called the Texas Prosecutors Society. This invitation was for those who have demonstrated an interest in and commitment to improving prosecution and training in Texas. We started with a Founding Fellows class of 106 members—one for every year the Association had existed, and we add to that number each year.
     These members of the Texas Prosecutors Society have pledged $2,500 each to create an endowment fund for the Foundation—a forward-thinking strategy for building stability and growth for both the Foundation and the Association. The endowment’s purpose is to collect and invest funds for the future to provide critical support to the Association.
     Each year, new inductees of the Society are recognized at a special reception at TDCAA’s Elected Prosecutor Conference in December.
     By the end of 2019, 190 members had accepted the invitation to the Texas Prosecutors Society. It will continue to grow as more prosecutors and distinguished alumni are invited to join every year. Listed below is the current membership of the Texas Prosecutors Society with the Founding Fellows in bold.

Johnnie Actkinson
Jay Aldis
Carolyn Allen
Richard B. Alpert
Bernard W. Ammerman
James Michael Anderson
Gordon V. Armstrong
Eduardo Arredondo
Charles Aycock
Nelson Barnes
Patrick C. Batchelor
Diane Beckham
Elmer Beckworth
Traci Bennett
Robert Newton Bland, IV
Murff Bledsoe
Joe Edd Boaz
Dan M. Boulware
Dusty Boyd
Kathleen A. Braddock
John M. Bradley
Richard W. Brainerd
Thomas L. Bridges 
Grant Brenna
Alice Brown
C. Scott Brumley
Terese Buess
Celeste Byrom
Katherine A. Cabaniss
Ryan Calvert
Donna Cameron
Stephen H. Capelle
Gerald C. Carruth 
The Honorable James L. Chapman 
Jack Choate
Don Clemmer
Cathleen Cochran
Tim Cole
Skip Cornelius
Michael Criswell
Kenda Culpepper
Justin Cunningham
Alan Curry
Norma Davenport
Danny Buck Davidson
A.W. Davis
Don Davis
Yolanda de Leon
Dan Dent
John P. Dodson
Scott A. Durfee
Ramon “Ray” Echevarria
James Eidson
Laurie K. English
David A. Escamilla
Jaime E. Esparza
Tony Fidelie 
David Finney
Knox Fitzpatrick
John Fleming
Gerald A. Fohn
Michael E. Fouts
Jack C. Frels
Keri Fuller
Robert Wayne Gage
Henry L. Garza
The Honorable Larry Gist
Elizabeth Godwin
Jesse Gonzales, Jr.
The Honorable Gerald A. Goodwin
H. E. Bert Graham
Michael J. Guarino, II
Rene A. Guerra
Anton E. Hackebeil
Dan Hagood
Dale Hanna
Tom Hanna
Lynn Hardaway
Russell Hardin, Jr.
The Honorable Ira Royal Hart
Bill Hawkins
Dan Wesley Heard
John Staley Heatly
Fred S. Hernandez
Jim Hicks
Michael J. Hinton
John B. Holmes, Jr.
William Lee Hon
John Hubert
Bruce Isaacks
Helen Jackson 
Michael Jarrett
Micheal E. Jimerson
Kyson Johnson 
Ed C. Jones
Kim Judin
The Honorable James H. Keeshan
Rob Kepple
Charles Kimbrough
The Honorable W. C. “Bud” Kirkendall
The Honorable Oliver S. Kitzman
Tom Krampitz 
James M. Kuboviak
The Honorable James E. “Pete” Laney
Robert Charles Lassmann
Brett Ligon
Crawford Long
Doug Lowe
Barry L. Macha
Ken Magidson
Tom Maness
Betty Marshall
Sonny McAfee
Lyn McClellan
Jana McCown
Katherine McDaniel
Adrienne McFarland
Andy McMullen  
Gianna M. DeBottis Metts
Gregory Miller
Richard J. Miller 
Sunni Mitchell
Mindy Montford 
Kris Moore 
Larry Moore
Margaret Moore
Karen Morris 
Amanda Navarette
John A. Neal 
Murray Newman
Kimbra Kathryn Ogg 
Denise Oncken
Jarvis Parsons
Sherri Wallace Patton 
Rene M. Pena 
Lisa L. Peterson 
Kevin Petroff
John L. Pool 
Ed Porter
G. Dwayne Pruitt
The Honorable Susan D. Reed 
Steven E. Reis 
Julie Renken
Ray Rike
Jack Roady
Fred G. Rodriguez 
Ross Rommel, Jr.  
Vincent R. Ryan, Jr. 
Daphne Session
Joe Shannon, Jr. 
B.J. Shepherd 
Ed Shettle
Toby Shook
Randall Coleman Sims 
Joseph J. Skrivanek, III 
Stephen H. Smith
Ken Sparks 
Jane Starnes
The Honorable Don R. Stricklin 
Johnny Keane Sutton 
Marcus D. Taylor 
John Terrill 
Jennifer Tharp 
The Honorable F. Duncan Thomas 
Sherri K. Tibbe 
Jaime Tijerina
Bill Torrey 
William R. Turner 
Carol S. Vance 
Janice L. Warder 
Martha Warren Warner 
David P. Weeks 
Erleigh Wiley
David Williams  
Gregory Willis
L. E. “Ted” Wilson, III
Roe Wilson 
Sharen Wilson
Bill Wirskye 
Vic Wisner
Justin Wood
Robert Wortham
Mark Yarbrough

And welcome to the Class of 2019!

We were thrilled to welcome the most recent inductees into the TPS at December’s Elected Prosecutor Conference in Lakeway. Many of them are pictured in the photo above. From left to right are Bill Helwig, Cheryll Mabray, Lisa Tanner, Caroline Dozier, Gretchen Flader, Jamie Felicia, Elmer Beckworth, and Joe Edd Boaz. Not pictured but still a beloved part of the Class of 2019 are Steve Baldassano, Matt Powell, Julian Ramirez, and Bob Schell.